9 comments on “Donations!!!!

  1. I agree, players should be warned about abusing the donation policy. We should have our leader post a warning when the player is on, and making a request, and insist on a reply. We could all monitor the member in question, whose name should be posted here. We should not gang- up on the player as a group on-line, as that would setup a hostility that may force and otherwise good player to leave. We have the option to boot-out anyone we feel who is not doing their fair share of donating, even after they have been warned.

    Do we have any who agree with this message? Please post your feelings, you either agree, or should post an alternate plan.

    Mr. Boozer. aka. Joe

  2. We can set a minimum number of donations to be reached each week. I feel that if you play regularly and contribute, a 50 or 100 minimum should be met. I feel as elders our number should be higher considering you level in the clan so let me know what values would work best.

    I also do not want fluffing of the numbers by donating giants. Archers are our bread and butter so please stop padding your personal total.

    • I agree with canth

      Elders I believe should be
      Aiming for 500 donations a week
      (Archers, unless a person requires different).
      I am aware some ppl can’t get on the game as much and I’m sure that will be taken into consideration.

      What I don’t like is members constantly requesting troops but hardly ever giving them out…

      If GOW is to expand we need to work together..

      Have fun, request troops and donate…that’s the way forward!!

    • I would agree as well that Elders should be donating more due to the fact we are probably on more and to set a good example for the rest of the clan.
      I do think we should expect at least 100 from each clan member per week as that is really not unreasonable at all (I think this might even be to low). If we are to grow than we need everyone doing there fair share of donating.

      Pete (aka gr8one)


      • Pete, we may want to evaluate the minimum donation policy once we give membership. If we want to be in the top tear of clans, we need players that will be at the 100 troops a day level, or more. For me, I know it is taking at least that to keep all of my builders busy.

        Maybe you could give some feedback on the clan policy document I submitted for review. I hope we could settle on something we can all agree on so we will be able to find a way to get it in the hands of members.


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